The Insurance Process
When Filing A Roof Claim

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What to expect when filing a roof claim for hail or wind damage

If your home has been damaged by the recent hail storms, exposure to the elements may greatly increase the amount of damage to you home. Many insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, so don’t wait until you have water dripping through the ceiling, mold in the attic, or your roof caves in to call your insurance company. It might be too late to file a valid storm damage claim.

Be wary of insurance company “approved” contractors who have a financial incentive to save the insurance company money at your expense. These approved contractors have an agreement with the insurance company to complete repairs at an agreed upon, lower price which is only saving the insurance company money and providing you a lower quality roof. Protect yourself by hiring a reputable contractor to represent your best interests. You have paid your homeowners insurance, so make sure you get the maximum value for your claim.

Insurance Claim Tips

The Insurance Claims Process

Filing a insurance claim for your home and roof can be a frustrating and confusing process. You should remember that your insurance company is in business to make money and may try to deny your claim.

So we’ve created this  7 Step Guide to make the claims process easy to understand.

Step 1: Assess the damage. Contact Us for a free inspection and one of our trained professionals will do a thorough inspection of you property including the roof, gutters, windows, siding, patio, fence, and other structures. 

Step 2: Find a reputable roofing contractor who specializes in storm damage insurance claims. Do not compare companies by their bids, don’t even ask for a bid. You do not want to go with the lowest bidder, you want to go with the roofing company that can put on the best quality roof with the amount the insurance company quotes.

Step 3: Read your insurance policy carefully and contact the claims department of your insurance company directly. Verify with them what your deductible is and be prepared to pay that once you are ready to complete the work. BEWARE of roofing companies who offer to cover your deductible. It's Insurance Fraud. 

Step 4: Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist that we are present during the adjuster inspection. Our job is to make sure the adjuster plays fair, and provides you with a fair assessment. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for, and is paid, by the insurance company, and may have an incentive to deny your claim, if they think they can. This is why it is important to have a roofing contractor that specializes in storm damage insurance claims. There are thousands of good roofing companies out there that have no clue how to work the insurance claim.

Step 5: If your claim is denied, don’t worry. You are entitled to request a re-inspection from a different adjuster. We have dozens of claims each year that we were able to get approved by the insurance company when they had previously denied payment.

Step 6: Once your claim is approved your insurance company will send you 2 separate payments. The first payment, or materials deposit, covers the cost of materials. The final payment referred to as depreciation, will be released when the work has been completed and we have submitted a final invoice to the insurance company.

Step 7: After your materials are delivered, we will schedule the work. Any changes to the written bid will be submitted in writing for your approval. No additional payment is due until all the repairs are complete, at which time your deductible is due. When you receive the depreciation check from the insurance company, we will provide a release of lien and collect final payment.

When filing an insurance claim, remember most state laws prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for filing claims in an Act of God storm damage situation. And in Texas, Your insurance company cannot single you out for a rate increase. If the insurance company is going to raise rates, they will raise everyone’s rates in specific areas.

Claim Denials: What to do if your insurance company says “no”

It has become more common in recent years for insurance companies to deny storm damage claims that should be approved, hoping homeowners won’t file again. Research shows that of all storm damage related insurance claims that are denied, only 5% re-file. Of claims that are filed again, an estimated 50% are approved the second or third time around. So, if you live in an area that has been hit by a severe storm, and think you have property damage, don’t take no for an answer from an insurance adjuster.

If your claim is denied, get help from a reputable contractor with experience getting claims approved. Remember, no matter how much you like your insurance agent personally, agents and adjusters work for the insurance company and may have a financial incentive to deny your claim.

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