The Best Roofing Materials For Our Brutal Austin Climate

For your Austin roofing project, materials make up a big part of the decision. Your roof is quite often one of the last design choices you will make for your home, although the roof is a key component to your home’s appearance. No matter what style of home you have, there are many options for roofing material to choose from and which one you pick will affect the appearance of your home for many years to come. Because your roof is so important, you need to think very carefully about what your roof’s appearance will say about your home. If you need some help for your roofing project, let’s describe the most popular roofing types in Austin.

Roofing your Austin Home With Shingles

Shingles are unquestionably the most popular type of roofing material being used in Austin today. No matter what style of home you have, there are a great many types of shingles that are suited to your roofing project. Shingles are available in many styles, colors, materials and cost levels. Installation and repair of shingles are fairly easy and can be relatively inexpensive roofing materials. Shingles also are available in different quality levels and can often last for several decades.

'Cool' Roofs

When concerned about energy efficiency and saving money on your home's energy cost, the roof is the most important factor to consider. After all, it's your roof that's baking in the hot Texas sun all day, and it's your roof that is responsible for the heat build up in your attic, and the eventual heat gaining access to the interior of your home. It's this concern for energy efficiency that has driven the manufacturers to strive for a more durable, sustainable, energy efficient roofing material.

'Cool Roofs' come in various types and forms depending on the type of roof you have. From asphalt shingles with 'cooling granules', spray coating reflective material, to metal roofing coated to reflect the sun's brutal heat, there are several options for those who wish to not only add durability and beauty to their roof, but also save on their home's energy costs. Talk with a 'cool roof' professional for what type of cool roof is right for you.

Roofing Your Austin Home With Metal

Metal roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice of roofing materials for Austin homeowners today. Although they are much more expensive than the typical asphalt shingles, they are much more durable. Take into consideration the cost of replacing a typical asphalt roof every 15 years, the savings in your home's energy costs over the years and the savings on your insurance premium ( since it is a non-flammable material), provides a very nice return on investment for those homeowners who plan on staying in their home for years to come. Metal roofs can be made out of steel, copper or aluminum and require very little maintenance. You can also install a metal roof over top of an existing shingle roof to reduce some of the initial cost of upgrading to a metal roof.

Roofing Your Austin Home With Tile

Tile roofs can be the most expensive roofing materials to install on your home. Tile roofs do last a very long time and give your home a very distinctive look compared to other roofing materials, but the return of investment is much longer than other option. Mediterranean style homes quite often use tile roofing materials, but there are different types of tiles which can look like slate or wood and these can be used with any style of home.

When choosing the best roofing design for your home, there is a lot to consider. Experienced roofing contractors can assist you with your decision and can make your vision for your home become a reality.

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